This website exists because I want to share good news about Weymouth with the wider world. This quiet seaside town, tucked away in a the folds of the south coast, is a delight that’s about to be discovered.

For some, that discovery has already happened. Every year a  diverse contingent of holiday makers find their way here, many returning loyally for most summers. They come to enjoy one of England’s best beaches, the historic harbour, the stunning scenery of the Jurassic Coast and the Dorset hospitality.

I came to Weymouth in 2010, with my wife, with the intent of making this my home for years to come. Drawn by the sea and the dramatic coastline, I found much more than I expected. Weymouth, and neighbouring Portland, has a rich history that excites the historian inside me. The business community is hugely welcoming and, for the most part, boldly ambitious. The Jurassic Coast becomes more spectacular every time I look at it.

Keen to learn about the area that’s become my home, I decided to organise my thoughts by setting up a Twitter account, @weymouth_dorset. This led on to a Facebook Page and now this website.

For me, writing is part of my way of processing information. It seemed a good idea to share what I write with anyone who might want to read it.

Andrew Knowles
Weymouth, Dorset
March 2016

My business, Dorset Social, provides social media training and support.

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