Greenhill Gardens in Weymouth

Every seaside resort has public gardens and a putting green right by the beach. Doesn’t it? It’s a pretty much a mandatory requirement along with fish and chips, penny arcades and assertive seagulls. I was going to mention Punch and Judy, but they’re hard to find these days, although Weymouth has one!

As I was saying about public gardens and putting greens – they’re two of the symbols of a proper seaside town and ours at Greenhill Gardens, and the north end of Weymouth beach (the other end from the Pavilion Theatre).

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A short guide to the Rodwell Trail in Weymouth

For one hundred years, between 1865 and 1965, trains puffed their way along the few miles of track that connected Weymouth to Portland. It took another 35 years for this useful route between Ferrybridge and Weymouth to become the Rodwell Trail, a popular cycle route and footpath.

The trail is quite short, just over two miles long, but it enjoys plenty of variety over the distance. It runs along embankments offering views of Weymouth and, at the southern end, Portland Harbour. It crosses a small number of bridges and, in the central section, runs through a deep cutting and a short tunnel.

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Discovering Weymouth Museum

Go to almost any Dorset town and it’s only a matter of time before you spot the museum. The local collection of artefacts, glued together by an explanation of the local history is usually housed in a building of some historic note. For those of us with an interest in the past, these local museums offer fascinating glimpses in the disappeared world of Dorset’s past.

You’ll be forgiven if you think Weymouth is an exception in not having a town museum. If you’ve been here a in the past you might recall that that there was a heritage timewalk experience in Brewers Quay, with an associated display of items collected from wrecks and other emphemera. But Brewers Quay was closed down a few years ago, wasn’t it?

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The Hardy Monument viewpoint above Weymouth

As you drive west from Weymouth along the coast road, towards Abbotsbury, you’ll probably notice a stumpy tower rising from the top of the hills. By the time you reach Portesham it’s disappeared from view, but in the villages you’ll spot a signpost to the Hardy Monument. That’s the tower you saw.

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