The best viewpoints in Weymouth

Weymouth and the surrounding area are blessed with several viewpoints where you can drink in a panoramic perspective for free. If you’re looking for somewhere to pause for lunch or a coffee, or to include in a walk around the area, I’ve put together a list of the best.

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The wonders of Weymouth beach

Something magical happens when a strip of golden sand is all that separates the sea from the land. Cliffs are dramatic, pebbles can be pleasant and mud is, well, just mud. But sand is special and here in Weymouth, we have buckets of the stuff!

You don’t need sand to have a seaside. Plenty of British resorts get by without having a decent beach. Southend and Weston-super-Mare both spring to mind as places better known for their mud than their sand. Both Brighton and Bournemouth enjoy swathes of shingle.

Long curves of sand, that dip gently into the sea for as far as the tide extends, and beyond, are to be treasured and enjoyed. Weymouth’s golden coast has attracted visitors for well over two hundred years and we can rightly claim to be one of the nation’s first proper seaside towns.

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Where Weymouth meets Portland: Ferry Bridge

Or is that Ferrybridge? The name seems to be used both with and without a space. And you could argue that it’s where Wyke Regis meets Chesil Beach, not a boundary between Weymouth and Portland.

Leaving these minor details aside, Ferry Bridge is a landmark, albeit a minor landmark, that deserves a mention. And despite the name, Ferry Bridge is neither a ferry or a bridge. It’s bigger than that.

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Discover the incredible Chesil Beach

Chesil Beach features in my earliest memory of Weymouth. Some time in the early 1980s my parents brought us here and I recall scrambling up and and down the pebbles of this massive stony bank.

The beach popped up a few years later in my geography classes at school. It’s a unique curiosity and a wonderful feature on a coastline that’s already packed with variety and interest.

So what’s so special about Chesil Beach? Or Chesil Bank, as it’s also known.

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Weymouth Town Bridge

I visited Weymouth a few times before finally moving here and watching the lift of Town Bridge was always a stop on the tourist trail.

Living here, effectively on the southern side of the harbour, switches the lift from a feature to a potential inconvenience. As I walk into town I realise it’s five minutes before the hour and a brief jog is required if I want to get across before the barriers come down.

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