Your seaside memories

First-Seaside-MemoryWeymouth, and the seaside in general, has a special place in many people’s memories. Here are just a few we’ve collected.

Have you got a memory you’d like to share with us? Use the hashtag #FirstSeasideMemory. It doesn’t need to be about Weymouth. We’d love to hear what you first remember about being by the sea, anywhere in the world.

What’s your earliest memory of being by the sea?

“I can see the sea” coming over Ridgeway. @StevePersonally

August bank holiday weymouth beach my little brother got lost he was 3 I was 5. He was in the missing children tent.   @shagamuffin

Running down to the beach with my family on carnival day to catch the fireworks! Because we missed the start of them! @SadieOphoto

Marching down to Weymouth beach with my family and begging to go straight on the trampolines. @AlisonHillis

Plasters…. I was accident prone. I have plasters on my elbows and knees in pictures. @williams_nikky

My earliest memories has to be watching the Punch and Judy shows! @mohune

Walking on the stones with my grandpa on Southport beach. @hannahbethbell


One thought on “Your seaside memories

  1. Debbie wade

    Sitting on the beach watching Punch and Judy , the sand sculpture and my dad going to marks and Spencer’s and buying their mini Cornish pasties yum yum 😍


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