Places to stay in Weymouth

This list of places to stay in Weymouth is a work in progress. More hotels, guest houses, caravan parks and camp sites will be added when time permits.

You’re welcome to use this list to help you find somewhere to stay, but please check out your choice for yourself using TripAdvisor and or other review sites before you book.

Please note: Just because a place to stay is listed on this web page does not mean we endorse or recommend it. You’re advised to perform your own checks on a venue before booking.

B&Bs on Brunswick Terrace

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Bed and breakfasts
Names marked in bold are on the seafront in Weymouth

Aaran House
, The Esplanade
Acqua Beach
, The Esplanade

Ashmira Guest House, Westerhall Road
B+B Weymouth, The Esplanade
Barnes’s Rest, Dorchester Road
Beachcomber Guest House, Waterloo Place
Beach View Guest House, The Esplanade
Birch House B&B, Icen Road
Cavendish House, The Esplanade
Channel View Guest House, Brunswick Terrace
Florian Guest House, Abbostsbury Road
Fox Crossing, Preston Road
Gloucester House, The Esplanade
Greenlands Guest House, Waterloo Place
Greenwood Guest House, Holland Road
Harbour Lights Guest House, Buxton Road
Horizon Guest House, Brunwick Terrace
Kelston Guest House, Lennox Street
Lantana Guest House, The Esplanade
Lichfield Guest House, Brunswick Terrace

Lyndale Guest House, Brunswick Terrace
Marina Court, The Esplanade
Melcome Villa Guesthouse, Gloucester Street
Morven Guest House, Westerhall Road
Oliver’s Guest House, Waterloo Place
Philbeach Guest House, Waterloo Place
Pump Cottage, Upwey
Redcliff, Brunswick Terrace
Seascape B&B, The Esplanade
Southville Guest House, Dorchester Road
St John’s Guest House, Dorchester Road
Sunnyside, Brunswick Terrace
Swallows Rest B&B, Wyke Regis
The Beach House, Brunswick Terrace
The Bedford Guest House, The Esplanade
The Brunswick Guest House, Brunswick Terrace
The Cavendale, The Esplanade

The Edenhurst, The Esplanade
The Esplanade, The Esplanade

The Chatworth, The Esplanade
The Grange B&B, Grange Road
The Gresham Hotel, The Esplanade
The Harbour House, Belle Vue
The Heritage B&B, East Street
The Hotel Central, Maiden Street
The Kingswood, Rodwell Road
The Langham, The Esplanade
The Mayfair, The Esplanade

The Molyneux Guest House, Waterloo Place
The Ocean, The Esplanade
The Sandcombe, The Esplanade
The Seacrest, The Esplanade

The Seaham B&B, Waterloo Place
The Warwick Guest House, The Esplanade
Wenlock House Guest House, The Esplanade
Weymouth Beach B&B, The Esplanade
Weymouth Sands, The Esplanade
Whitecliff Guest House, Brunswick Terrace


What’s the different between a hotel and a B&B or guest house? A hotel generally has more rooms and usally offers a wider range of services, such as a restaurant and 24/7 staff cover. However, smaller hotels may be very similar to a B&B in the service they provide. If you want a proper ‘hotel’ experience, check that the venue offers this.

Names marked in bold are on the seafront in Weymouth

Alexandra Hotel, The Esplanade
Bay View Hotel
, The Esplanade
Hotel Prince Regent, The Esplanade
Hotel Rembrandt, Dorchester Road
Hotel Rex, The Esplanade
Marina Court Hotel
, The Esplanade

No 98 Boutique Hotel, The Esplanade
Premier Hotel, The Esplanade
Premier Inn Weymouth, Gateway Business Park
Premier Inn Weymouth Seafront, Preston Beach Road
Richmoor Hotel, The Esplanade
Riviera Hotel, Bowleaze Cove
Russell Hotel, The Esplanade
The Berkeley Hotel, The Esplanade
The Bourneville, The Esplanade
The Crown Hotel, St Thomas Street
The Cumberland Hotel, The Esplanade
The Fairhaven Hotel, The Esplanade
The Gresham Hotel, The Esplanade
The Langham Hotel, The Esplanade
The Leam Hotel, The Esplanade
The Royal Hotel, The Esplanade
The Windsor Hotel, Brunswick Terrace

Caravan Parks

Chesil Vista Caravan Park  – operated by the Waterside Group
Littlesea Holiday Park – operated by Haven
Osmington Holiday Park – operated by the Waterside Group
Pebble Bank Caravan Park
Seaview Holiday Park  – operated by Haven
Waterside Holiday Park – operated by the Waterside Group
Weymouth Bay Holiday Park – operated by Haven

Inclusion on this web page does not imply any form of endorsement or recommendation. You’re advised to perform your own checks on a venue before booking.

All these places to stay have been added based on information found online, a result of various searches. If somewhere isn’t listed it’s because they haven’t come up on a search (yet) and if they have, there hasn’t been time to list them.

Last updated March 2019