The history of Weymouth

Pirates, smugglers, royal scandals, shipwrecks, battles and murders – all these have a place in Weymouth’s long and exciting history.

Plenty of others have written about the town’s colourful past, so rather than repeat what they’ve said, here are links to interesting articles and websites.

The Weymouth Museum website tells the story of the town up to the Tudor periodclick here to see their list of useful articles

A battle was fought on the streets of Weymouth in 1645, during the English Civil War. The story is told in the book ‘The Crabchurch Conspiracy’ – click here to read more about what happened.

Local blogger Rachel Knowles specialises in late Georgian history and has written several useful articles about Weymouth in the late 1700s and early 1800s:

Other sites covering the history of Weymouth include: